Digital Storytelling


Learn the Art of Digital Storytelling

Tell your own story.

Come along with a family member and work together !

Endless options because we all have stories to tell.

Maybe it’s a story about yourself, a journey, a connection made, a discovery, a loss, a passion or fear, a dream or a memory. Perhaps a remarkable event or a  learning moment – or a testimonial to someone who has impacted your life.

Just choose one, and make a start ! We will help you make this an unforgettable experience to hand on to your family and even the world.

Collaborate !

Adaptable for various age groups and degrees of computer familiarity. You can work on your own story with the help of a friend or family member if you wish. Each story is counted as ONE registration fee.

The workshops

Your original digital story will be created over a series of FIVE STAGES, with x 6 workshop sessions (2.5 hrs each), with support from our creative team. We have artists & tech support to help you.

The stages are:

  • WRITING & TELLING :  Your words will become the narration.
  • IMAGES: Together we’ll gather / create the images & footage (your own photos, sourced images and original art).
  • COLLATING: We‘ll make a Storyboard’ to map out the whole story and start building it up.
  • THE BUNDLE: We’ll ‘digitise’ all the content by scanning images, adding soundtrack, editing, adding digital effects /animation etc.
  • TEST &  LAUNCH ! Check everything, and your movie is ready to share.