Adult Studio Art & Design


STUDIO EXPLORATION for ADULTS (beginners and continuers all welcome)

  • PRACTICAL  Gain practical media skills in the studio;  techniques & experiments using a range of different media including drawing and painting, graphic techniques, digital art, craft & mixed media, printing and sometimes using natural materials, recycling / repurposing and a lot of imaginative experimentation.

  • STYLES  Are you interested in making work that is .... Abstract / Impressionist / Expressionist / Realistic / Stylised / Graphic / Minimalist / you-name-it  ? Do you love landscapes / portraits / nature / dreams / stories / cultural traditions / you-name-it? We aim to build your skills so you can create and interpret things you love in your way. 

  • SOURCES   Consider how art can convey a whole range of ideas and inspiration. We will look at various art examples that inspire us, and analyse how the work has been created. Ideas or themes may come from a range of art styles. cultural and societal sources including traditional and contemporary, faiths & beliefs, philosophies, popular movements and issues in the world around us. From these thematic sources we will discover symbols and rituals, allegories and parables - a whole variety of thematic ideas that we can reinterpret in our own way and tell our own stories in the art we create.

  • OUR STUDIO ENVIRONMENT cosy numbers and personalised tutoring! Learn at your pace and we encourage peer learning with mixed ability groups. Great conversations !


DATES & TIMES Term 1, 2021 

Please note: ALL 4 of these classes are Studio Exploration sessions. They are open to beginners and continuers and will address all the key elements listed above, and we will use various dry and wet media and exlplore various techniques and subjects. Each class group will get a chance to discuss what they would like to try for the Term. Fundamental principles apply to all media, so branch out and try something new. 

Four classes to choose from:

Morning Classes 10:30 - 1pm

Each 8 week series = $144 

• Tuesdays  Feb 9  - March 30
ª Thursday Feb 11 - Apr 1

Evening Classes 6 - 8:30 pm

• Mondays Feb 15  - March 29 ( 7 week series = $ 126 )
• Wednesdays  Feb 10 - March 31 (8 Week series = $ 144)


Full fee series is discounted

Pay-As-You-Go = $20 per session*

P-A-Y-G option is conditional and requires pre-booking and pre-payment

  • Starter art materials provided 
    (conditions apply)

  • PRIOR BOOKING required for all classes.