Saturday Morning Creatives

If you've got creative kids and teens ...

...check out Saturday Morning creatives !

This is "creative extension" which includes explorations in a range of design concepts, techniques, artforms & various media.

We teach in an innovative multi-level way, encouraging the whole age-range of participants (7yrs to teens) to set their own creative goals and to work collaboratively in the studio environment. Building teams and creative interaction is one of our key principles.

 Each term, we consider who the participants are, and we then set up a series of customised creative challenges which explore various ways of using media - drawing, painting, mixed media, craft, graphic design, sculpture and other 'experimental' cross-disciplinary ways of making art !

Creativity is an exploration  - so there are many ways to get to your destination !

Each session on Saturday morning is 2.5 hours.

Great value and FUN, of course.

TERM 2 -  2021: Saturday MAY 8 - JUNE 26  (x 8 week Term)

Each session 2.5 hrs, 9:30 - 12:00.
Fee: $144 for all 8 sessions

$20 per each session, pay-as you-go 


(check for vacancies)