Adult classes


An inspiring new programme for both beginners and developing artists

Explore interesting ideas and themes, discuss and interpret them in your own way, and gain practical media skills in the studio. We will work at your pace and encourage peer learning with mixed ability groups. If you've missed the start date, just check in - we might still be able to enrol you !

WORKSHOP series A:  

Theme: "TODAY'S WORLD"   Wednesdays 6 - 9 pm

Issues in contemporary society, the human condition, power and justice, relationships, the environment and our place in the natural world. These topics will provoke imagery that might convey a description, aks a question, send a message, present a challenge, and even a call to action. 


WORKSHOP series B 

Theme:  "INSPIRED BY IDENTITY"  Wednesdays  10am - 1 pm

Artforms and narratives from traditional and contemporary cultures, faiths, philosophies, spiritual and religious sources. A rich source of ideas inspired by symbols and rituals, allegories and parables, markers of  identity and belonging. Some traditional art forms and techniques will be learned and reinterpreted through exploring our own identities.


Key features

  •  Inspiring ideas and themes will be discussed and explored, with examples. There are lots of ways to interpret themes in your own way.
  • We’ll work in a variety of media and explore skillsets such as drawing, painting, illustration, mixed media, craft digital media, fibre textile, wearables, natural dye, recycled and reused material, visual diary…. and more
  •  Beginners will be guided to develop fundamental skills across a range of art & craft media. More experienced artists can sharpen skills while pursuing new themes and enjoying the group process. Collaborative sessions will provide fresh energy !
  • Want your art “out there” ? You might like the final artworks to be exhibited, used to support a cause and/ or be gifted to the community. Find out MORE about Artmakers’ history and our community development focus. Learn more about Artmakers’ focus on Community Projects. 



Wednesday evening 6 – 9 pm

From Feb 14 – April 11

$ 120 per Term



Wednesdays 10am – 1 pm

From Feb 15 – April 12

$ 120 per term


Thursdays 10am – 1 pm

From Feb 15 – April 12

$ 120 per term


Please contact us by e-mail ( see address on the FOOTER of this page)

OR  ph/txt  021 991 576.

Places are limited.


We will send you a welcome pack including:

  • Course details for the Term.
  • A quick preliminary questionnaire for participants.
  • Recommended materials to bring.
  • Payment details.