CREATIVE KIDS – programme details


The Weekly Programme Structure

About Creative Kids

This programme has been designed to maximise on the innate creativity of kids ideas, and to foster good negotiations skills and confidence building. From 5 year olds to 13's , all participants in Creative Kids are not only part of the bigger "whanau" of Artmakers,  but become key members and decision-makers in their smaller teams. Many children have attended for years, enjoying the adaptability of the programme structure and the variety of activities both in the Art & Craft projects, and the endless number of  ways the original plays can be put together !

CHOOSE to attend either:

FULL WEEK ( or more than one week - Art & Craft projects change each week)

Or choose Mon / Tues as a pair ( recommended) or as individual days

Or choose Wed - Fri, a 3-day BLOCK.


Option 1. Book a FULL WEEK (5 days)

Enjoy all 5 days of the programme components and maximise on the fun ! People often book for MORE than one week !

Option 2. Mon and / or Tues

Monday: Welcome building smaller team of similar age kids with their own dedicated adult leader. Games for making friends and settling in, especially recommended for first - timers. Both Monday & Tuesday focus on creating Art & Craft projects which change each day and each week.

Option 3. Wed - Fri ( 3-day block )

This art/craft/ DRAMA BLOCK is 3 days long. WEDNESDAY: Each child invents their own character. Their group builds a story, they design and make all scenery, costumes and props. THURSDAY: Rehearsals and more costume-making. FRIDAY: Final rehearsals then the SHOW for YOU at 3:15 pm.