Adult Art & Creativity


Adult Art & Creativity

ARTS & IDEAS:   A studio exploration course

ENROL NOW – the TERM 3 series is over 7 weeks, from August 10 to Sept 21. Each session 9:30 – 11:30. Fee $130 per Term OR $20 per session. PRIOR BOOKING  required.  (Early bird discount of 10% if you book the whole term BFORE August 1 ).

BOTH  the daytime and evening sessions will incorporate  Studio Exploration and Themes.
  • Gain practical media skills in the studio.
  • Work at your pace and encourage peer learning with mixed ability groups
  • Look at various art examples that inspire us, and analyse how the work has been created.
  • Explore interesting ideas and themes to interpret in art.
  • Discuss and interpret ways to them in your own way.

Studio exploration involves practical techniques & experiments using a range of different media including drawing and painting, craft & mixed media, graphic techniques, digital art, using natural materials, recycling / repurposing and a lot of imaginative experimentation.  

Ideas or themes from a range of cultural and societal sources including traditional and contemporary cultures, faiths & beliefs, philosophies, popular movements and issues in the world around us. From these sources we will discover symbols and rituals, allegories and parables – a whole variety of thematic ideas that we can reinterpret in our own way and tell our own stories in the art we create.