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Adult Art & Creativity

ARTS & IDEAS:   A studio exploration course Gain practical media skills in the studio. Work at your pace and encourage peer learning with mixed ability groupsLook at various art examples that inspire us, and analyse how the work has been created.Explore interesting ideas and themes to interpret in art.Discuss and interpret ways to them in your own way. Studio exploration…
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Digital Storytelling Term 4:

DATES TO BE CONFIRMED Please register your interest by sending us an e-mail or phoning us now if you are interested.

Saturday Morning Creative Kids !

It’s NOT all about sports, is it ? If you’ve got creative kids who would love some extension with a range of creative arts media, just drop them off while you wait on the edge of that cold field with the sporty ones. Ha Ha. No, but seriously, every family has kids with different interests…
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2019 – Your year for creativity

Have you considered giving yourself some creative brain time ? Our adult class ” Arts & Ideas” is for you ! Small friendly group where you will unlock rekindle or refocus your artistic potential. Many people say they find it hard to work alone, to get started or get RE-started when they yearn for that…
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Looking for Talent & Compassion

Are you interested in building up a network of creative people with a strong sense of social development and interest in community wellbeing ? ARTMAKERS occupies a special space in the Community Arts scene inHamilton. Our Kaupapa (purpose & philosophy) ¬†and 3 decade long history of projects has focussed on facilitating¬†enriching encounters between artists and…
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