Who are we?
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Artmakers Community Artists Trust is a community organisation, established in the early 1980’s as an independent Charitable Trust. Our focus is on arts & creativity in its many forms. Based in Hamilton New Zealand, we have worked continuously in the community as facilitators of community arts projects and events, working in partnership with, amongst others, schools, health care facilities, social and community services groups, environment groups and the Hamilton City Council.


We are active in the development of skills and qualifications for our sector which includes creativity and social development in many forms.

We are providers of education & training programmes and have delivered many successful projects and programmes over these years supported in part by donations and grants, as well as delivering employment creation, personal development, education & training programmes through contracts with the NZ government including the Department of Labour, Skill New Zealand and the Ministry of Youth Development.

We are also registered and accredited by the NZ Child Youth & Family Service as a Provider of After School and Holiday Programmes for children.

Who can PARTICIPATE in Artmakers? - Children, Youth, Adults, Older Persons

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We feel that too may people have been marginalised from their creative potential because of financial, cultural or societal barriers, or false perceptions and myths about needing to achieve standards of “excellence” in order to qualify as a “artist”. Rather, we are guided by a philosophy that everyone is creative and can contribute to the making of art in its many forms, as long as the right context is created for participation. Participating in the arts, be it storytelling, singing, painting, making things in your garage, designing a garden - is a powerful tool for developing transferable skills, and for stimulating thinking. Recognising the importance of individual participation, however, is not enough. We practice a community development approach to the arts; this means that we are not only interested in fostering meaningful experiences for

individual people through we also have a strong focus on community building. By working as a group or community to develop the artworks, we are not only strengthened in our personal identities, but we can explore our shared values and history, and we learn to recognise and respect our differences. Encouraged to express ourselves at this level, we find ourselves better equipped to problem- solve and to contribute in constructive ways to our community. So is it about taking time out for hobbies and for relaxation ? It’s more than that. Active participation in community arts is not just a passive leisure time pursuit, and, just like exercise it has many healthy outcomes! Community arts in its best sense has an agenda - cultivating healthy, expressive and vibrant people living in healthy, expressive and vibrant communities.

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